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Originally Posted by Muta View Post
We are - but at the expense / ignorance of other industries is not a wise long-term strategy. I'm pro O+G, but the world is changing, and we're still looking backwards yearning for the good ol' days in order to try and move forward. Maybe it's time we start seeing dollar signs in other industries and opportunities? The first step is installing a business climate that makes it as easy and guaranteed as possible for these emerging industries. Diversification is the key to this province's future, as much as people need to be dragged kicking and screaming along the way on this.
Itís actually not though, oil and gas consumption is increasing and will continue to for the foreseeable future - until a major disruptive technology comes along or until supply scarcity makes alternatives economically feasible. Itís unbelievable to hear people in Alberta continually spouting this nonsense about the decline of oil and gas.

And donít take that as me suggesting we shouldnít strive to diversify our economy. The thing about diversification is that itís not easy, you need to have a competitive advantage in the alternative sector to gain traction. A strong oil and gas sector enables us to better create the conditions that allow for economic diversification.
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