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Maybe Chris or somebody can explain this. I am interested in booking a flight with AC from YYC to Dublin for spring break. If I enter the information on Google or Skyscanner or Expedia or even Air Canada's website for 1 passenger, I get $676 return. This is fine, and I add 2 adults it doubles to $1352, 3 adults is $2028. Now I add the child (2-12) and the total price jumps up to $3084 and changes the flight route. If I change the child to an adult the fare goes back to normal and the total price is $2702 and take the original route.

So why is the child costing $300 more than an adult and changing the route? I can book on AC directly, but the price is now $801 / person. If I go to Skyscanner or Expedia it is $673 and I can then go have it direct me to AC with that price for booking, but I have a promo code that I can't enter if I am re-directed.

This is basically Calgary to Dublin from March 21 to April 2.

What's going on with this?
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