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Originally Posted by GGG View Post
The reason why the subsidy for public transit is terrible is it doesnít increase ridership. It rewards rather than incentivizes. So instead of spending $200 per rider on a tax break you could instead spend it on transit.

Same with the sports tax credits they donít increase participation. So fund infrastructure for sports or subsidize entry at time of registration or subsidize lower income.

I agree the home Reno one as part of a CO2 reduction platform may be worthwhile.
You know what frustrates me about this? I built my house in 2012, and when I did I installed geothermal, ICF, triple pane windows. I won't get any credits for that. I bike to work year round, I don't see any financial benefits other than my own spending less.
Who are the people in charge of this product and why haven't they been fired?
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