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Originally Posted by peter12 View Post
Yeah, on the reputation management side, I think I have to be pretty strategic about that. There's been some good advice here. In my field, if I gave notice, I would be asked to wrap up and leave in the week. Too many personal contacts and relationships that will be taken with me otherwise.
And this is fair. I was leaning towards optimism you don't have to tiptoe like this, but it's unfortunately the reality in certain situations. A few of my friends over the years moved on to greater things. While they were completely willing to help the transition, they were straight up escorted out of the door within a few days (some in a few hours) and some of their stories were jaw dropping. These were guys in finance, accounting and law who moved on to bigger opportunities or started their own companies.

This is why I was suggesting the document that would "aid the transition". When attached to the resignation letter, it kinda shows that you're not leaving the company hanging. It also reduces some annoying stuff in the exit interviews, reduces old colleagues messaging after your departure incessantly to do basic things like find documents and get into the documents etc. Even if it isn't used directly, my buddy found that leaving a transition letter (was more like retooled training documentation he was working on before his departure) counteracted some rumors that ownership/management started spreading about him. Some people at higher levels of the company go nutty and act like an insane ex after the departure. I've heard a few stories by individuals directly involved and it's kinda crazy some of the absolutely inappropriate stuff that ends up happening from the former companies.

I definitely hope you don't run into the worst examples of this type of stuff. Whatever happens in general. Good luck.
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