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Originally Posted by Cheese View Post
From a Forbes article I saved:

You Pass Up Opportunities
Your loyalty to your boss may cause you to pass up other job opportunities. It is easy to tell yourself, "My boss really needs me" and immediately to say, "No thanks!" to the recruiter who calls you or to a job opportunity that falls into your lap. It is easy to convince yourself that you are irreplaceable at work, even when no one else has suggested that you might be.

Your path is your priority -- not pleasing your boss or even being his or her right-hand person. What good will it do you to be your boss' right-hand person if you don't see a path ahead that is fun, exciting and flame-growing for you? It's your right to do the sort of work you choose, for the people you choose.
Don't close your eyes to new opportunities on the pretense that you must be loyal to the people you work for now. Would they pass up an opportunity to automate or outsource your job out of loyalty to you, if automating or outsourcing your job would make the company more money?
It was only until recently that I had a very strong "company man" mentality - even in situations where I was very unhappy in a job, I would stick it out almost until the breaking point instead of taking opportunities that came to me.
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