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Just curious on the oft-travelled if they've gone this method before: had a flight get cancelled from Paris to Calgary last week until the following day (after 3+ hours on the runway), due to an electrical issue, followed by a crew issue (aka no "act of God/nature" reason). Now that I'm home, I've gotten multiple reminder emails from TripCase saying I could be entitled up to $650 for the cancellation and should file the claim through them. Has anyone ever gone this route before and gone through them, or should I steer clear of this? Is this only if they didn't re-book us for a later flight or something?

Europe was much better passenger protections than Canada, so you are definitely entitled to a significant amount of money for a delay of over 3 hours. This applies to European airlines, flying from anywhere (i.e. Canada to Europe would count) or other airlines departing from Europe (for example, WestJet or Air Canada).

Some airlines have an easy process and pay out quickly. Others don't. I've never been in a position to make a claim, so I can't say the best way to handle it. Air Passenger Rights (Canada) on Facebook is a great resource.
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