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Originally Posted by Wormius View Post
I used "zed" unless there is some other reason (ZZ Top) to use differently.
Bag like Egg not Bog

Roof like Poof not Puff

Creek like Eek not Crick
About like ah-bout not ah-boot.

I was at a training course in the states, and people picked up on the "about" immediately. I can tell Americans by the way they pronounce "creek" and "roof", but I don't hear the distinction they do with "about".

I say “zed zed top” to my Americans friends as if it is normal

Also, on a more serious note, I help them understand that it is correct to pronounce ‘ou’ and ‘ow’ differently.

It is a house. We don’t say ‘hoose’. You have a hearing problem. And is it not a ‘howse’

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