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Originally Posted by Cecil Terwilliger View Post
In Kelowna, man fell off his wheelchair going thru a crosswalk right next to highway 97. 3 or 4 people immediately turned on their hazards and jumped out to help him even tho their light had just turned green. Held up traffic for several minutes. No one honked or flipped out. I was on the other side of the road so I couldn’t be much help, plus they all got out so quickly. It was heartwarming to watch humans being bros like that.
Similar but opposite story.

I was in the States and a guy in a wheelchair was trying to cross the road, but it was quite the incline and it wasn't a powered chair. He simply didn't have the strength to get across. I immediately threw the hazards on and popped out and pushed him up the hill, meanwhile the entire busy intersection doesn't nothing except try to pass my parked car instead of helping.
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