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Originally Posted by AFireInside View Post
How did she make it divisive? Her stance was that people should be treated fairly wasn't it? Maybe there is something I'm missing.

For example, if you don't agree on abortion that's fine but it's none of your business what someone else does. You can still be against it without stopping others from choosing that. The government insisting on keeping that legal is only divisive if you try to infringe on others rights to do what they want.

If someone can't separate their deeply religious views from their political position they should not be running. Your religious views shouldn't influence public policy. I know that's tricky because everyone has different beliefs but they should be doing what's best for everyone not what's best for them.

For example, I know that of doctors that are religious and don't believe in birth control but they do their job and prescribe it or refer to a doctor that will. That's the correct approach. If a doctor simply denied birth control to someone requesting it they shouldn't be practicing.
She was divisive throughout much of her time as Premier because she ruled in absolutes that meant you are either with us or against us. There can be no middle ground.

You can be against abortion and other social issues but she assumes that these people will try to influence policies once elected. Kenney has said he will not let his views on abortion infringe on others rights to get one.

I also think Kenney would not allow any religious member of his party to influence policies with their views. At least I would hope so.
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