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Some huge disruption coming to the industry and it is about adapting vs fighting it. I personally believe that the MLS database created by Realtors should be the property of the Real Estate Boards. Sales information is available to the general public at a cost of $10 per title (through land titles and not something Realtors have special access to).

I would like to know what everyone pays for a car on a dealership yet this is property of the dealerships and not made public.

Although a less than popular idea, it would be nice to see a real estate license cost $20,000 + per year. I think this would help the general public see a Realtor as more of a professional and eliminate those who treat their business as a side hobby. It should also be mandatory to put in some time as an apprentice under someone with experience.

Titles just show you the value of the transferred land but not dom or history. They also offer nothing in the way of current value either whereas listing information does. And the value on title is only one of dozens of instruments you're gaining access to by paying $10. It's likely people searching for titles are not even interested in the last time it transferred ownership.

Car dealerships offer you the carfax now and use it themselves since they know everyone has access to it. Its made the industry more honest for sure. That stuff is no mystery anymore. More information in the general public's hands is a good thing.

I guess it never made sense that listing info should be proprietary to realtors. They're regulated a million different ways so that there are no secrets in the industry. Makes sense to me that information gleaned from working with the public should become public information. I don't see any way it would cost realtors on their own bottom line either.
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