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I won't argue with Calgary having lots of trucks, but does having the car in front of you be a truck vs a CRV really matter at all? Doesn't change the speed of traffic, # vehicles, etc.

If someone asked me if magically changing all the trucks to sedans would impact my life, I'd probably say no.
It is quite a big difference. When following a sedan or most compact CUVs you can actually see through their windows at the road/traffic ahead. When you are following behind a pickup truck all you can see is tailgate so it is impossible to see the road/traffic ahead. In one case you can anticipate in advance and in the other case you have to quickly react to what happens in front of you. This is part of the reason why so many people want trucks or full size SUVs in Calgary. The taller vehicles give the driver an opportunity to see through and past other taller vehicles while drivers of smaller vehicles are essentially blinded. More and more people are moving into bigger vehicles so that they can see and it frustrates drivers like me who prefer a sedan.
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