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So I thought it would be interesting to talk about China's military expansion.

Naval wise

China has commissioned

1 Aircraft Carrier (Lianong) - More of a training ship built from a decommissioned Russian Carrier as the Chinese figure out naval aviation
23 Destroyers of various classes including guided missile destroyers)
51 Frigates in active service
Slightly over 100 missile goats
100 sub chasers

What's coming

Type 002 Aircraft carrier - Moves away from the current ski jump carrier design and to an electromagnetic launch system which allows them to get heavier jets in the air. Currently undergoing testing and trials

Type 003 Aircraft Carrier - Probably a ways a way but will displace 85000 tonnes and is projected to carry between 70 and 100 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft including the J-15 and the J-20 5th generation fighter

Destroyers - 4 type 55 guided missile destroyers under construction, 4 Luyang III guided missiles under construction
Frigates - 6 type 054A multirole frigates under construction


Ballistic Missile Submarines 4 Jin Class in service 1 under construction, Type 96 next generation ballistic missile submarine in development


3 Han Class still in service, (older and noisier boats)
2 in service 4 under construction, considered to be equivalent in radiated noise and sensors to a late Los Angeles Class boat
Type 95 Advanced SSN 1 in service unknown under construction.

Diesel Electric

41 older boats in service
13 type 39 Song Class, these are very quiet boats
16 type 39a/type 41 attack boats are designed as anti-ship cruise missile boats they bear little resemblance to the type 39 5 more under construction.
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