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While I dont disagree with any specific points, most office staff, managers and accountants dont want to drive trains, it wasnt what they were hired for and it isnt what they want to do and they generally didnt sign up for it.

And whats more the Engineers and Operators make more money than the office workers do, so sending Helen from Payroll to take 300 containers to Trail rather than Jim the Engineer actually saves CP money and Hunter couldnt care less whether Helen likes it or not because if she complains she gets shown the door.
True but Hunter hasn't sent office staff to drive those trains. I believe this policy was in place before he even came into the picture.

My point is if I am running my company I would want my employees to understand the business and have respect for what someone else does to help build that sense of pride. Maybe I am an odd duckling that no I don't want to drive trains for a living but it would be cool to learn how to drive one.
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