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Originally Posted by Misterpants View Post
I don't think I've ever tasted any home brew that didn't make me have a new appreciation for Club.
To the OP, there is lots of wisdom in posts like this. Don't go at it thinking I am going to make beer for 6 cents a gallon. Take the time to get what you need to make a batch from grains. If you really can't make it from grain initially, make it from one of the better wort in a bag kits. Even with those, there is return on investment in choosing good yeast and hops.

The coopers type kits are typically the source of the Misterpants type experiences IMO.

Also take your time when cleaning the bottles/equiptment. View the whole process like making fresh cinnamon buns, or even bread. If you do your homework, and put the work in, your beer will be better than most commercial offerings, but if you start with the dough you buy in the freezer at the supermarket, results may not be there.
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