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Originally Posted by combustiblefuel View Post
Yeasty taste means just that a ton of yeast. Could be many reasons. You tasted before it was dine fermenting, you used to much yeast, you let it sit in one carboy to long or you had your Siphon hose touching the bottem of the Carboy.

My money is on you had siphoned the yeast from the bottem. Did you add a straw to the bottem of the hose to prevent this? Basically a half in or so at the bottem of the carboy is a toss out/ starter for the same type of brew.

To make sure anan excess of yeast is not bottled have another carboy on hand . after 2 weeks tranfer the first Carboy to the empty one by siphoning. MAKE SURE NOT TO INTRODUCE AIR BY SPLASHING!!! Then add a little more suger to the carboy. This will provide more for the yeast that has made the transfer some food to produce a little more C02 to push out the air from the Carboy. After 2 to 3 weeks begin bottling process ( remember to prime your bottles). Filter if need be.
I think most of this advice is really good, but I stopped putting my beer in a secondary after realizing that it didn't do anything to help my brew (and introduces another possible source of infection/oxidization). I think the majority of homebrewers now skip the secondary stage.

So long as you ensure that you don't collect any of the trub (either by transferring to a bottling bucket immediately before bottling, or ensuring your auto-siphon is high enough off the bottom of the carboy to avoid picking up any trub), then you should be avoiding the collection of too much yeast in the beer.

I will also add that if you are tasting a lot of yeast in your brews, the most likely cause is that you are stirring up the yeast immediately before pouring it. You need to be careful when pouring a bottle conditioned beer (I assume that's what you are doing). Once the bottle is tipped, you have to pour out the entire thing (leaving 1/4-1/2" at the bottom with the sediment in it).

Other than that, good luck with brewing! It's a really fun hobby that quickly spirals out of control as you want to brew (and drink) more, better, faster. I've already build a keezer.


Next up, I'm hoping to teach myself to weld soon so I can build a brew stand. Something like this.

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