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Originally Posted by Lobotroth View Post
I got a "beer machine" as a gift, pretty much idiot proof and the final product was good. Check it out:
Finished in ten days too.
Those are terrible.letting all of yeast in there produces many off flavors.

I got 2 as gifts when I first started. Tried it there way. Half way through the batch started tasting nothing but yeast. I dumped the batch and went out got a couple of Carboys and a couple of cans of Coopers. Let the Coopers hot ferment for 5 days then let it sit for two weeks , siphoned it in to a second carboy. Let sit for another 2 weeks then into the for a week (added suger to prime carb) then into the fridge for 3 days with force carb.

Eventually I just started to mash and get a keg setup. It cost so much to keep buying food grade C02 . I would avoid Mr .Beer .
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