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Originally Posted by troutman View Post
Good news for drunks like me. Drink wine, and you will not need Viagra:,4839,00.html

Study finds hard evidence that responsible alcohol consumption does not cause impotency

The researchers, most of whom are affiliated with the University of Western Australia, suggest that the idea is not so far-fetched, since moderate alcohol consumption is linked to better cardiovascular health. Therefore, it may also aid the function of vascular organs, such as the penis. Furthermore, erectile dysfunction (ED) is closely linked to cardiovascular disease.
I dunno, they've gone back and forth on wine and alcohol being good for your heart so many times I'm not exactly sure what to believe anymore.

As a heart patient I was told a few years ago that as much as two drinks a day would be beneficial. Red wine being the best, then white wine, then beer. Anything else, the benefits were outweighed by the health risks.

But recently, I have been told that, that even that recommendation was a bit excessive, and that the benefits of any alcohol consumption may be very small indeed.

And of course, if you are consuming more than 2 drinks in an evening, your not really gaining any benefits, you're just causing damage.

I've got nothing against drinking, (or any decision people make about drugs or their body) I just don't think people should be fooling themselves into thinking it's good for them. It really isn't.
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