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Originally Posted by Table 5 View Post
So here's the pickle I'm in, and need a little advice.

It looks like the little lady and I are moving back to Canada for at least a year or two, and I'm wondering if it would make sense to buy a new car and import it back there. I've been looking at ordering a new 2012 BMW 128i (which is more ore less my ideal car at this stage in my life), which I can buy for about 29-30k here (would be around 39k in Canada). The best part is that I would be able to take advantage of European Delivery.....pick up the car in Munich, drive around for a couple of weeks and then have it shipped back free. The timing couldn't be more perfect, as we're getting married and can use this for a honeymoon.

Taxes/Duty etc to import the car to Canada would be about 4k, but BMW has about 2-3k worth of bull#### modification charges to be able to transfer the Canadian warranty. You don't have to do it, but then I might have to drive to the US if anything major comes up.

So here are my options:

1) Buy the car here and use the European Delivery.
Positives: Have a great Euro-Delivery experience, and get the exact car I want (for some reason Canada doesn't carry the color I REALLY want, and i wouldnt be able to order the sunroof). Save about 3-4k if I dont do BMW mods.
Negatives: Hassle of importation, and questionable warranty in Canada if I don't bend over for BMW (or do mods and don't really save that much). Have to buy it in full, so no finance/lease options.

2)Wait and buy something in Canada.
Positives: No import hassles, and no warranty issues. Open to lease/finance options.
Negatives: Don't have the car I want in the color i really want, and in the end would probably end up buying something cheaper as Im not sure I can justify 40k for a 1-series.

3)Stick it out with my Saab 9-3 (personal favorite of burn_this_city!).
Positives: Save money (unless it craps out).
Negatives: Dont have the pleasure of owning a dream car and no European Delivery.

What would you do? The financially responsible side of me knows the answer is #2 or #3, but the risk-taking, car-loving part of me is hoping for #1!
My fiscal responsibility goes out the door for two things, cars, and European vacations.


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