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Originally Posted by Nadal Fan View Post
In the list provided by Tennis.Com Novak comes in at #5 for the Mens side

I think he's the better all around player than Sampras but until he gets to 14 majors I just can't have him ahead. Will be interesting to see how he finishes his 2018 season, should rest and take it easy and aim at a big US Open push to end the year IMO.
this is where the comment section just got a big dose of fan anger. some people think he should be as high as #3, ahead of Laver, because of how he dominated the Rafa and Fed H2H during his peak. I'd be willing to listen to the argument that at his absolute best, he produced the most unbeatable tennis in the history of the sport. but if you look at it more as a marathon than a sprint, then it gets murky.

I think I'd still put him right around equal with Pete, and above if he manages to add at least one more slam. it will be interesting to do this list again in 10 years once all these guys are done (though there's no guarantee 47 year old Roger won't still be out there showing up to exactly one tournament per year and winning it)
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