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Just can't see this being a good deadline deal for Ottawa. Unless the team they're dealing with is also going to miss the playoffs, there's no way he gets the return of a very good roster player or two, plus good prospects plus picks, which would be his value, probably.

Talk of attaching Bobby Ryan to this just to remove his contract would also be idiotic if you're serious about Ottawa winning, because then the price comes way down for the purposes of cap relief only and Karlsson is more a sweetener than a ultra main peice.

Especially after the Duchene deal Dorian should be very careful, but Melnyk likely pulling his clout here too after Dorian got a 4 year contract in his back pocket.

This should be a summer deal where a team thet got to R2 or beyond and wants to reload and reevaluates which good peices they may want to part with going into a fresh year, will net Ottawa the highest return.

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