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The liberals plan for a Women’s Heath focuses research institute sounds like PC bull#### but it actually isn’t. A lot of research is male focused and isn’t actually 100% transferable so this initiative likely results in better research.

I like the conservative plan of increasing transfers 3% and that’s about it. Let the provinces decide how to spend that money. Given that health is a provincial responsibility this should be more or less the extent to heath care involvement by the feds.

The NDP actually discussing the opioid crisis is a good thing. Not a fan of dental care being funded. For children I could see it making sense but for adults that doesn’t need to be provided by the government.

The big problem here is no new ideas. This is status quo administration of health care when the Canada Health ACT needs changing to allow for more private services. As the second or third worst health care system the Public only mantra needs to change. All parties fail at addressing this need.

They also appear to not be planning for the aging population. Now this likely falls to the province but a visionary party would be planning on what this looks like now.

Also simple fixes like universal free access to birth control could help address many different issues for a very low cost
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