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Here is a proper review after a few days to let this settle. It was lots of fun in typical Marvel fashion and I realised I am a sucker for 90s nostalgia. I enjoyed this twist on the origin story making her past a mystery told non-linearly but felt this could have been improved as some of the big reveals came too early. I also didn't get much character development as Carol went from cocky pilot to cocky Kree to cocky hero. Brie Larson was solid though and definitely felt like a hero. Did anyone else think she had a Tony Stark meets Maverick vibe? I also enjoyed Sam Jackson in this movie and like how we got a Fury origin story but it didn't feel tacked on. The supporting cast was solid too, especially Mendehlson. A big issue with this movie though was the different tones. We had epic space opera, 90s buddy cop mystery, and feminist Top Gun tribute all rolled into one. Overall an above average MCU film which gets me even more pumped for End Game and looking forward to CM sequels. 7/10.

Also to give a female perspective, my wife loved it and now ranks Carol Danvers as her favourite super hero. I asked what about Black Widow or Scarlet Witch and she said "meh". I asked about Wonder Women and she said "she's okay but that's DC".
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