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Originally Posted by mikephoen View Post
One bad year might be possible to excuse, but two bad years in a row? How many prospects make the NHL after two bad seasons? The number must be minuscule. And we're not talking about seasons that were a little down, or didn't show improvement (those are bad enough for a prospect), but Parsons had straight up BAD seasons.
Impossible to judge goalies and their development strictly from the numbers. Goalie stats are conflated with team defense so GAA in particular can be a terrible gauge.
Factor in that Parsons has had some mental issues.
Factor in that goalies often take 6-8 years to fully develop.
What can we conclude? Not much really. Parsons still has nice upside. The Flames seem happy with the progress he made last season. He still obviously has a long ways to go. Itís obviously a big year for him.

I have no idea where to put him. Iím not down on him but at the same time thereís less argument to be super high on him. I think heís still one of our top 10 probably
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