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Originally Posted by GranteedEV View Post

- Zavgorodny is an interesting one. I see that no one else is quite as high on him as I am, but there's much to like about him:

Lerby? (not too familiar)

And then the rest

I am actually quite high on Zavgorodny. His production was fantastic to start the season, but just as impressive to me was seeing him put pressure on the backcheck and steal the puck. He seems to have one of those proverbial 'non-stop motors'. I have him right after Pettersen and Phillips. The Russian factor isn't a very big thing to me with this kid, as I view Russians that came over to play in Junior as fairly safe in that regard, unlike drafting them out of Europe. He is a special talent, and is anything but a one-trick pony. Nice to see someone else really liking him as well.

Interestingly, i see Sveningsson is a bit low on your list. I have him as the very next prospect after Zavgorodny. He just seems to do everything very well and I think has strong middle-sex potential. I actually like him more than Tuulola, as he seems to do more with and without the puck.

Koumontzis I am not sure what to make of as I haven't actually watched anything from him really (not that I have watched the above guys a lot mind you, as I do have a life, and didn't get a chance to watch any ASU games), but I have followed some other prospects much more closely. I will have to defer to you and some other posters that have followed him more closely. He is definitely a prospect to watch this season when possible, that's for sure.

Crazy how strong the Flames have become at drafting over the years. That thread over at HF was worth looking at, as it showed that the Flames have indeed been one of the best drafting teams in the league over the last while now.
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