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Originally Posted by flamesgod View Post
I agree he would be a nice fit. But I donít see him taking much of a discount to leave San Jose. I see it as him leaving San Jose to maximize what may be his last contract.
But San Jose doesn't have much cap space as is either. Less than 15M to sign 7 forwards and a defenseman. Meier's contract won't come cheap, and to lesser extent neither would Labanc and Thornton.

Even if Meier takes an Ehler-like 6M contract, that's now 9M to sign 7 players. 3.5M for Labanc. Now they have to get the rest of their 6 player signed at league minimum, including Jumbo...

Maybe they try to save their cap with some bridge-deals, or look to move a big contract, but there's pretty much no situation in which Pavelski could be re-signed by the Sharks outside a massive massive discount.

So if it's between the Lightning and Sharks, the Lightning could offer him the bigger contract with less tax and a better shot at the Cup.
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