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Originally Posted by photon View Post
Well the stack is just 4 different things that happen to be connected to each other

Doing this stuff in Windows 10 is often more difficult, and combine that with far fewer guides and info on how to maintain it and you'll probably end up wasting a lot of time on it, at least until you understand all the moving pieces enough to just set it up yourself without any guide.

I'd recommend installing VirtualBox or similar (or get a cheap VPS like, setting up a Linux VM (CentOS or Ubuntu) and going from there. I think you'll find a lot better guides that way. Might be able to find some pre-built VMs too.

I also try to look at guides put out by VPS providers, they tend to be pretty decent and recent compared to random blog posts (though I couldn't find anything recent with MEAN).

And finally, you could also check into Docker, there are probably containers or Docker compose files that would build the stack using containers.

I tend to use containers for this stuff now all the time, makes it so when I build something it's completely repeatable and easy to run the app. But it is a different way of doing things and does require some learning.
This is brilliant, thanks! I didn't even think of using a Linux VM. That makes way more sense. VPS is also another great idea (I used to like slicehost for this stuff).

Docker is on my list of things to learn for sure, but I'm not there yet. I feel like my years of virtualization experience should help me pick it up pretty quickly, but so far it's eluded me.
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