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Originally Posted by Bill Bumface View Post
For those that can't watch this live, I discovered something nifty. On a PC, windows key + G will open the Xbox game bar and you can capture your screen, AKA record the game.

Make sure to visit settings and bump your max recording time from 2 hours up to 4 hours.

Also, change the recorded audio to be everything (something like game + system+ apps) as I don't believe you'll get the audio from the default setting with my tests.
Funny you mention this as I have been experimenting with screen recording to make up for OneSoccer's delay in getting games up online afterwards. That's actually my only criticism of OneSoccer, and even with the replay delays cramping my timeshifting ways, it is still great value and I would recommend the service to everyone.

Tomorrow night for Canada vs. USA, however, my kid has a 1.5 hour volleyball practice between 5:30 and 7, so I'll be able to watch pretty much all of it live. Yay me. I think that the venue even has Shaw wifi, but if not, I am prepared to burn a few gigs of data if needed.

But I'll definitely be exploring the Xbox game bar thingy that you mention. My experiments with ShareX have been "just OK", but I haven't found a nice balance between frame rate and a 5 gig file size.

I am quite excited for this one. I still don't like the way that Concacaf dicked around with the qualifying format, but that's the framework we are given. I feel that we can get something out of tomorrow's match.
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