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Originally Posted by SuperMatt18 View Post
If Bennett can improve his shot that could be big for him.

He's been able to get into good scoring positions, but just can't finish. Hopefully this helps with that.

It's kind of funny how much shooting skill can change how a player projects at the NHL level.


iCF: 615
iHDCF: 187
Rush Attempts: 24
Rebounds Created: 43
Shots: 346
Goals: 27
Shooting %: 7.8%
Corsi Shooting %: 4.4%
Just for fun let's compare him to another guy he gets compared to a lot.

Here's Max Domi the 3 years prior to his breakout 22 goal, 53 point performance at 5v5 last year.


iCF: 566
iHDCF: 105
Rush Attempts: 19
Rebounds Created: 37
Shots: 287
Goals: 23
Shooting %: 8.0%
Corsi Shooting %: 4.1%

Very similar type of numbers to Bennett at the same age.

Then all of a sudden Domi's shooting improved and he shot 14.5% (+6.5%), and had a 8.2% Corsi shooting % (+4.1%) at 5v5.

Now he's a bonafide top line player who was almost a point per game player last year

Another name mentioned in this thread that is a similar story right here in Calgary with our own Elias Lindholm.


iCF: 638
iHDCF: 167
Rush Attempts: 22
Rebounds Created: 46
Shots: 359
Goals: 22
Shooting %: 6.1%
Corsi Shooting %: 3.4%

Then last year he had a 12.0 shooting percentage, and a 7.0 corsi shooting percentage.

If Bennett can do something similar and double his Corsi shooting percentage from the last three years that would mean he had ~50 goals at 5v5 over the last three seasons instead of 27.

Domi and Lindholm both took off when they got an elevated role with better linemates on a new team.

Maybe we should just try an elevated role with better linemates in Calgary for Bennett instead of Brouwer/Neal like the past couple years.
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