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Today, I joined the first world and went for my first dentist appointment since 1984 when my mom left me at a dentist's office on 17th ave not to return until 7 years later when I went to college. I've been sans dentist since except for one day in 1992 when Josť of Josť's Dental Works in Phoenix, took out my wisdom teeth for $200. The deal was I could only use freezing and had to let his assistant do the pulling. Afterwards I went rock climbing at Queen Creek high af on 1992 strength oxy. I spat blood on the way up and all the other climbers thought I was cool. Climbing high, though fun, did not seem sustainable.

And not a single cavity today. Not even a full cleaning required. I had to replace one filling from the '80's but no big deal. My new dentist is going to try to figure out who my dentist was in 1984. She knows a news reporter and thinks it might make a good story if we can find the guy. I remember him being more traumatized than me. The moral here being they do not make fillings like they used to and always use an electric toothbrush.
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