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had some spare time today so i fired up 'the old girl'!! i haven't started my '89 in over a year. turn the key and it roared to life - that rmmh!!!

i let the truck run for a bit and then gave it a much needed bath. i also took the kids for a spin in it around the cul-de-sac. (there is no insurance on the truck so i figured sticking to our "3 house" cul-de-sac was pretty safe). the kids LOVE my old truck - it's only a 2-seater so that means sitting in the front seat (hey... when you're 5 and 3 that's a big deal!)

IMG_1974 by bc-chris, on Flickr

IMG_1979 by bc-chris, on Flickr

i'm really tempted to put insurance on the '89 for september just so i can drive it around again for a month. i LOVE that truck!
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