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Originally Posted by Canehdianman View Post
Yeah, I definitely wouldn't be investing my life savings in it. It's incredibly speculative as far as I'm concerned.

I haven't invested in any BTC, as it seems to be mostly played out, with far less explosive upside potential than a lot of other (newer) blockchain technology currencies.

I've only invested in Ethereum so far, but have considered trying to get into some of the lesser known coins to seek a 100x return or so.
You are right about the lesser know coins...LTC has been good to me but you need to be on the ball

BTC is far from played out though...those in the know can manipulate the price and do as it is not regulated at all. Its gonna take a massive nose dive but be above 4k canadian by the end of the year IMO. You can all bump this and laugh at me in December if you wish.
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