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I think the two night wrestlemania is gonna be really good, crowd should be hot, both nights have strong cards, and I expect they are gonna go all out with some surprises, I.e becky

Only match that stands out as not interesting is Braun vs shane

Both mens and women's title matches should be great, and I do think the mens ones are wide open

new day vs AJ and omos has 3 great workers and the hook of omos' first match plus it seems like hes AJs project right now so he sees something in him

Cesaro/seth and ko/Sami are potential match of the year type things if given time, which the 2 nights should allow. Riddle v sheamus doesnt make a ton of storyline sense, I'm guessing this was supposed to be Keith lee vs sheamus pre injury, but it has sneaky potential, sheamus has been killing it lately

Very excited for the IC title, apollo is killing it with his new charachter, big e has wale performing his entrance live so apollo is winning for sure

Fiend vs Orton is going to be a cinematic I'm guessing?

Forgot about the smackdown tag titles, mysterios vs ziggler and roode. This is where I would have put a ladder match in and added a few teams
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