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Default Trade Deadline - Food for Thought...

A couple of things.

A 11:59MST deadline is not overly good for anyone that lives East of the MST time zone. Heck, half the league lives in Newfoundland making it a 3:30am deadline (on a weekday). I think we would see more action league wide if we had an earlier deadline.

I was active in trade talks late into the evening but I am getting old (I am half the age of Cheese) and fell asleep. Made an offer before the deadline to a team, team says yes and sends the trade before the deadline, my e-mail will confirm the offer was sent to me before the deadline. I woke up after the deadline (6am to get ready for work) and hit accept.

Trades are processed all the time in the NHL after the actual deadline, paperwork still coming in.

In this case, will the trade be put through?

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