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To me this is Tavares/Stone all over again especially if NJ struggles even with all the off-season stacking theyíve done. Do they get something for him like Stone which ended up costing Vegas much less than expected by most or do they potentially lose him for nothing like NYI lost Tavares??? It will be an interesting story line to follow and honestly NJ is a team Iím hoping struggles in hopes that Hall could be acquired.

Also itís a deep draft and Dube is a highly coveted prospect add those with Brodie who is a top 4 D on every NHL team right now and a top 2 on some and I donít see it being too far off. What if I changed the 2nd to a 1st and a 3rd?? Is that closer to you, does it become to much?




One of the problems is that they will need to have Brodie extended before they make that trade (or at least have Brodie agree on an extension with them). In no way would they trade Hall for a package containing a UFA unless that UFA is there for cap reasons.
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