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I know this Backlund conversation is regarding his contract and play over time but in my opinion to date or with the lens of "what have you done for me lately?" he has earned every penny.

Tonight is a prime example how he does the little things right. Bennett's goal is a direct result of his well thought out shot. The shot was hard, low and in a place where Varlamov was going to leave a rebound. Backlund is smart and makes many plays like this throughout the game. Another prime example was his net drive on the PK. His ability to protect the puck with one hand on the stick and drive the net at the same time is not something we see many Flames players do confidently.

There should be no expectation of an offensive explosion of out Backlund. The expectation should be for him to contribute in all aspects of the game. To date I have not seen that fall off.
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