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Default Additional draft day instructions

As a reminder our draft is next Saturday at 10 am Calgary time.

Here are some things to do to get ready, and to prepare on the actual day of

- Please review the thread for overagers. Overagers are not eligible in our draft. If you pick an overager and no one notices - you will lose the pick.

- If you are not going to make the draft, make sure you find someone to pick for you. The league will not do it for you as we will be busy running the draft.

- Make sure you have your list together and are following along during the draft. Teams should be able to make their picks generally within about 60 seconds. That is quick - but there really is no excuse for not being able to do that. I will warn you if you are taking too long. If you need more time communicate with me. If you go silent or don't respond to me - that's when I will skip you. Your pick will get deferred to the end of the round if you take too long.

- If you make an error and pick a guy already picked - that's ok - mistakes happen. If it continues to happen from the same GM, we will again move your picks to the end of the round. Again if no one notices and we move on your pick will go to the end of the round.

- You will make your picks in a dedicated thread - post the team, the pick number and the player you are picking. PLEASE make sure you post all this information.

- If a trade happens during the draft let me know via the chatroom. Trades should still be processed as normal

- We will use a chatroom. I will post the link on the morning of.
- If the chatroom doesn't work for someone please PM me, but the preference is that everyone is in the chatroom so I can get ahold of you if need be.

The main thing is prepare and give the draft your focus during these 2-3 hours. This ensures it moves along and everyone enjoys it.

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