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Originally Posted by troutman View Post
Got a Roland drum kit, and the old family piano in the living room now:

Is that the edit: TD-1 DMK ?? Just got one myself and it’s an absolute gem for about 1100 bucks. I’ve been playing drums with my bros in the Heavy Jack 3 for about 20 years now and hadn’t seen an affordable electronic kit with that much upside AND mesh heads (tuneable to boot!) at that kind of price.

Currently playing a 2012 Gretsch Catalina Maple Ebony fade with an 8, 10, 12, 16, 22 inch shell pack and 14 inch snare. All sorts of cool cymbals including a custom Turkish flat ride and 15 inch zildjian hats. Like using 7A plastic and wooden tips at the same time using the plastic with my left and wood with my right. Have always been a single kick guy that attacks the bass drum much like John Bonham and I have the right calf to prove it hahaha!

Currently we are recording using a personus 32 track through Mac Logic! Really excited to get the fullest drums yet on the next album we are planning to record and would like to say feel free to check out our current available music all for free download at our band camp link in my signature!

Some cherry gear in here so far keep them coming all! Dig seeing how many musicians are on CP it’s awesome!

On 2nd look that is definitely not the TD-1 DMK Troutman - let me know the model!

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