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Originally Posted by Ironhorse View Post
Ok, CP tech braintrust.

I’m looking for an iPhone 6 SE for my teen, either on Rogers or unlocked. Are there any places in Calgary that sell these? eBay offerings seems a bit sketchy to me on stuff like this. Primary concern is decent battery life.
Amazon sells refurb iphones. My buddy got one. It seems to be very reasonable as a refurb.

But the issue with the iphone SE is that the new iOS updates are borking them or making them kinda crappy. I'd probably suggest contemplating an iphone 7 at minimum because they have both the A and M chipset design vs only the A chipset in the iphone 6S and SE and below. This is to future proof the phone plus deal with the chaos and headaches currently already plaguing these devices from the current OS.

Anything below that is like buying a single core vs dual core set up IMO. Longer term wise (even within the next few months), I'd suggest the "dual core".
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