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Originally Posted by Hackey View Post
If the other home truly did sell $35k under yours I have to assume there were reasons for that. The condition of the home could have been poor. The improvements could have been a lot worse. Maybe they were offering a low commission to the buyers agent. If your house was getting a lot of traffic then agents would likely be taking their clients to the other home as well if it was so similar in the same area.

The condition of the home could be a factor... I work closely with tradespeople and when need be, we get my listings in as good of shape as possible. I will delay a listing by a few weeks if need be if I can explain to a seller that spending X is going to return X + Y. I am in no rush... I want the place to sell as much as the seller because I have a lot invested in the sale.

Maybe they were offering a low commission but just because 10 people go through my clients home where we are offering 3.5/1.5 doesn't mean 10 will go through the other property. When their realtor tells the buyer that the one they just viewed was offering the commission that he would normally earn but the neighbor wants the buyers' realtor to either work for free or have the buyer pay the commission, a large number of buyers are going to take a hard pass.

Now this is an example scenario brought up by someone else. Not all scenarios will play out like this and there very well could have been outside factors we are not aware of.

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