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Default Why Haven't Brokerages like 2% Realty or Comfree Gained Greater Market Share?

I've always been curious as to why brokerages like 2% Realty or 1% Realty or even Comfree haven't gained greater market share. Typically to list your home with one of the major brokerages you're usually paying 7% on the first $100,000 and 3% on the remainder (Half to the listing realtor and half to the selling realtor). On a $500,000 house that's $19,000. This has been pretty standard for decades. I've never sold a home before but if I was to sell mine I think Comfree would be my first choice and I'd just offer the standard buyers commission to the agent who brought me a buyer.

Do people feel these types of companies provide an inferior service?
Are people just uneducated on the process?
Have these companies just done a poor job of marketing their services?

I'm curious to know for those who have used traditional brokerages on here why you chose to go with Remax for example as opposed to a different option that could have saved you thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.
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