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Originally Posted by Inferno View Post
Ugh, I was really hoping I wouldn't see Seth or Roman face Brock at SummerSlam. Do something different like the women's match.

I don't know, I get there's some real panic in WWE over attendance and dropping ratings, so they're trying to hot shot the main events. But to be honest

Rollins - He's a great worker, he's a meh promo man. The whole Becky and Seth thing has really made me turn him out. I was hoping that Heyman would come in and find a way to split them off.

Becky - I've really lost interest in her, the relationship story line is just a character killer to me. I love Natty, I think she's one of the best pure workers in the company. I actually liked her promo against Becky and has shown that the WWE is trying to go to more emotional real feeling promos. But we know Natty ain't going to beat Becky.

Reigns - They just can't quite get him over, they've tried piggy backing him on other stars but the problem is that they had this great ready made story line of him coming back from cancer, and they could have had him struggle to regain his edge. Instead they took the super cena treatment to 10 and I tuned him out.

Its funny, because I've recently said it that the top of the WWE card is the weakest that its been in a long time, but their mid card is strong.

BTW I loved the Ziggler Miz interchange tonight, it was brilliant and really well done.

I loved the debut of Bray tonight, I thought I'd hate it, but I completely loved it.
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