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Originally Posted by The Original FFIV View Post
But is it all about offense? What if he develops into a solid pker/4th line F? They obviously saw something they liked (apart from offense). All reports is that he’s a coach’s dream, high hockey iq, good person. Even if he maxed out as an ahler, you need guys like that on the farm.

Not signing Lindstrom is understandable, we had a pick and had to use it. But to trade up to select him and decline to sign him is bad asset management. I know, only a fourth rounder. But they could have kept that 2019 pick they traded to select Roman and used it on a player in the 2020 draft. Looks bad on the organization pissing a pick away, especially after trading a bunch away and having the cupboards pretty bare.
No, but the magnitude of the regression is too much to disregard.

In my opinion, there are many unsigned/undrafted CHLers who probably deserved to get contracts.

For an example, I think Glenn Gawdin is one of the best prospects on the Heat. He more than doubled his production and deserved a prospect.

Sure, maybe Milos Roman is defensively responsible and smart overall. But I don't think guys like Gawdin are that bad defensively either.
There are CHL players with 80+ points who are also as all-around as Roman.

A lack of prestigious point totals is fine. For an example, former Flames prospect Turner Elson only got 57 points as a WHL over-ager, but he deserved a contract because he was an all-around player AND he had progressed offensively.

Roman's initial lack of size, point totals, and acute offensive regression are too much to ignore IMO. At least Elson improved consistently while he was in the organization.
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