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Originally Posted by Aarongavey View Post
Well SJ was awful last year, but against the top 9 teams (I will leave out Edmonton who was in the top 10 but nobody would want them included) the Flames scored 37 even strength goals in 21 games. This is more than they scored in the first 21 games against the powerhouse that is the Canadian division. I suspect the Flames average of 1.76 even strength goals per game against those teams is right around the average for the league against those 9 teams.

Christ, we have scored 10 even strength goals in 6 games against the Canucks for an average of 1.67 even strength goals per game and two of those goals were scored one second after a penalty had expired.

Against all other teams not named Ottawa the Canucks have given up 51 even strength goals in 15 games for an average of 3.4 even strength goals a game.
This is not all down to lines. The players have been bad as well.

Iím tired of repeating it, but Iím fine with these lines for now. They are too easy to defend when the going gets tough.
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