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Originally Posted by Aarongavey View Post
I could understand 5 games, maybe 10 games tops, but not 21. The Flames did not score an even strength goal in the second game, but I think that line scored in the first and third game.

The Flames had 15 even strength goals with a goalie in the net in the first 10 games. That is awful by almost any standard, yet they kept trying those same lines for another 11 games. The pace they were on at even strength in the first 10 games, even if you add the empty netter in game 3, would have placed them second last in the NHL last year, only ahead of the Detroit Red Wings. In 18/19 it would have placed them dead last. In 17/18 it would have placed them second last. If I was the coach, I would have pulled the plug after the 10th game, based on those comparable alone.
Youd never expect a new line to have the same pace over an extended period of time.

Anyway, last year they scored a bunch of ES goals off the bat (mainly because they played bad teams). Against the very few good teams they played (Col, Vegas, Dallas, SJ), ES goals were like 1-2 per game. And in a reverse, they were bad on the PP. 5 goals in 10 games, and actually only scoring any in 3 games.

Im all for continuing with the present setup for the indefinite future but the team is flawed unless they address it by the POs.
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