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Originally Posted by FlamesAddiction View Post
Not saying that at all.

It's far enough into the season that he needs to cut the rope and fall back to whatever works. It's just a shame that there does not appear to be more options and more flexibility with this roster. This team doesn't have a Matthews, McDavid, or MacKinnon. Players that are going to pull through no matter what. On paper, this team's strength is supposed to be it's depth and deployment options. In reality, it hasn't played out that way which is unfortunate. I think it's time to turn the page and a roster shake-up is needed, but it won't be easy to make big changes this year.
There are only so many quality players on each team in a cap. The Flames spent all their cap space on 9 forwards (includes Ryan and Lucic) 4 d-men and 2 goalies...

their depth is Dube and Valimaki. (ELC) The high paid players are not able to carry the slugs filling in the roster.
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