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Originally Posted by GioforPM View Post
I get his concerns, I share them. These lines didnít work when the going got tough last year, and just blaming Ward is a cop out. They didnít work under Peters the year before.

Having two very good Cs who are a threat to score is a remedy for not having a top tier C like Matthews or MacKinnon. The purple Gatorade line is really good against a soft defensive team like the Sens. I want to see them deal with tighter D.
1) the Flames were missing their best highest paid player.

Pretending that the team is going to be successful with Tkachuk missing is absurd.

Sort of like spiking the ball when spanking Winnipeg when they were missing their two best forwards.

Try to provide an example of a team having playoff success when their best forward is injured (or not playing at a very high level)

2) The #1 D man just played poorly in the playoffs. Once again try to imagine any playoff success if the #1 d-man played as poorly as Gio. Rather than leading the team he was a drag on it.

3) Arguably the best line in the playoffs was Bennett Lucic and Dube. Maybe work with that rather than trying to go full blender get some value out of Leivo and Simon who were not wanted for the league min salary where they left
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