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Originally Posted by FlamesAddiction View Post
You mean beating the worst team in the league with a goalie that couldn't save a beachball isn't all the proof you need?

It's actually kind of sad that Ward has to stack the top line just to beat Ottawa. This team might make the playoffs doing that, but if they can't spread depth throughout the line-up, they aren't going to make it far in the playoffs.

Ward's line experiments may not have paid off, but I understand why he was doing it.
I agree with all of that. It’s why, while I think Ward can easily be improved upon, saying it was “crazy” he was starting Lindholm at C was something I pushed back against. Not only did it make some sense on paper, the Flames’ first three games looked fine. Then they had a break and played the top two teams in the division at the the time, losing close games to Toronto in which Monahan and Gaudreau were still producing.

I agree they should keep the present lineup for a while, but if they can ever find a good two way RW to take Lindholm’s spot, Lindholm should be a C.
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