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- Located right off Deerfoot and Stony so getting anywhere is a breeze since it's rare that both are messed (at least so far).

- Nicest lake in Calgary. Very big, with multiple accesses, each with it's own beaches. Main beach area has all the expected amenities like a gym, a rink and nice new tennis courts (Nothing beats new tennis courts). One advantage it has over other lakes is you can fish off of the promenade. Don't think you can do that any where else in the city.

- Lake is bordered by a long promenade which is awesome for walks.

- Right next to new South Hospital

- Large Urban Village planned in the same vein as McKenzie Towne. Personally think that is much better than big box plaza's (I might be biased cause this is right next to my place so I won't ever actually have to drive in it).

- SE LRT station planned (I'll probably be dead by then though)

- Seton is getting a ciniplex with "VIP" theaters that are adults only and serve food and alcohol to your seat!

- Our "Mahogany" sign has a waterfall. Yeah. I know.


- New community so right now there's nothing built in terms of stores or gas stations or anything like that.

- Deep SE so although Deerfoot or Stony can get you almost any where fast, it racks up the km's. Very noticeable when taking an uber (#### you cabs).

That's really all I can think of. For now we also have nice views since there's nothing built south of Mahogany. The biggest concern is that this down turn shelves some of the more elaborate plans. Very real concern of mine at this time.

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