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Originally Posted by Fuzz View Post
One of my big issues with the NE, and this is the cities fault, is that there are no big parks. Elsewhere you have Nose Hill, Confederation, Riley, the Bow River, Fish Creek, Glenmore...You look at a map of the NE and the only green areas are a couple golf courses and schools/sport fields.
Granted the width the current footprint of residential area of the NE is small in width.

But it is a major absence, and something that it desperately needs. I'm hoping that when the city annexes further east into Conrich, that they'll use land right beside Stoney Trail to make a grand regional park.

EDIT: With the nextCITY initiative, I'm hoping the NE can improve considerably in the future. It does have potential, but a lot of work will have to be done. The stretch on 36th Street from Memorial Drive to 32nd Avenue needs to be transformed into an urban corridor. 32nd Avenue from 36th street to Barlow also could get the same treatment.

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