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-close to transportation. I am a 5 minute walk from the c-train and a 5 minute drive from Stoney Trail
-most ethnically diverse area in Calgary
-brand new YMCA and library
-more affordable than many areas (I could live in an inner city apartment, but I like a house and yard for my own dogs and in order to foster rescue dogs)
-one of the few neighbourhoods that actually benefits from the airport tunnel today, rather than in the future
-for being a "far flung" suburb, it has good access to most other areas of the city
-best Indian restaurants

-lack of bars / higher end restaurants
-some residents apparently pave their front lawns for more parking, but I haven't noticed that on my street
-lots of development in the area, so my 5 minute commute has become a 10 minute commute

-It is far from a lot of my "play" areas which would be more inner city/ downtown, but that's made up for by the fact that it's close to work.

I have pretty much lived all over the city, except NW - Glamorgan, Acadia, Windsor Park, Haysboro, Kingsland, Penbrooke. I wasn't really thinking of moving to the northeast, but circumstances led me this way and I love it.
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